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The [R]Evolution Can Not Be Televised

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I believe in the Wisdom of Crowds. That is to say, all of us together know more than any single one of us. Our collective experience, knowledge and wisdom has the greatest value.

My role as a presenter is to stimulate the exchange of those ideas. It is to help the participants clarify to themselves what they think relative to what others think. Somewhere in that mix are views we can use. That is the DiggsWorld View.

The time for talking heads is over. The participants must be brought into active participation with new ideas. They must wrestle with the ideas to discover if and how they fit into their lives, otherwise it is just useless cocktail talk.

These interactive presentations prompt the participants to interactively engage in the search for solutions to life’s persistent problems that they can understand and use. They use audiovisuals to catalyze conversation. They introduce new data to stimulate participants to think outside of their boxes.

They create buzz. They animate debate. They help people figure out what they think, relative to what others think. They provoke critical thinking by raising critical issues like
There are many lines that divide humans. “Race”, like most of those lines, is imaginary. That is to say that race only exists because we have been conned into thinking it is somehow real. We have attached our identity to our “race”, so even though the idea is destroying us, we cling to it. This presentation is designed to expose the “race” line as imaginary. It helps the participants discover how the imaginary line of “race” imprisons us. It offers ways for people to escape their cultural imprisonment.

Gender equality is not a zero sum game. The goal of gender equality has as much or more to offer men than women. But men have to be brought into the conversation as equal partners. These interactive presentations ask the obvious, but difficult, questions. They challenge “feminists” to engage in dialog, rather than incorrect assumptions, about what men think and feel. They challenge men to see how limiting women as full contributors to society limits men as much or more than it limits women. They show men how expanding their life roles is a step up for men. They challenge the audience to revisit the interplay between men and women and re-imagine new, fair and sustainable relationships built on clear and realistic expectations of each other.
“Frames” is an interactive animation presentation that explores how the frames through which we experience reality have a greater weight on our perception than reality itself. This presentation begins with a short audio-visual animation and then challenges the audience to discover the frames through which we can look at various things and how switching those frames might change what we see and how we experience life.
Our mind plays tricks on us. Our senses play tricks on us. We are lost in illusion. Assuming there is a concrete reality, this presentation challenges whether we can perceive it. By tracing how we get sensory input and how that turns into what we call thinking and feeling, the audience is made aware of how we are deceived by what we perceive. We explore what we can do about this deception of perception.
Every moment of our existence we are interacting with the universe around us. We interact with people. We interact with things. We interact with ideas. With each of these interactions we take something and leave something. With each of these interactions we become someone different. This interactive presentation helps participants to discover their interactions.
Learn how tools you already have can be put to use to create exciting effective promotions.
Learn how to start with what you have to get what you want.
Learn why the media needs you as much as you need them.
Discover the most compelling, cost effective and under utilized marketing tool available and learn powerful ways to use it.
Learn why all marketing efforts begin and end with the Fifth P, people, and how to turn this knowledge into success for your business or group.
This presentation will give you an overview of how vinegar is made, used and enjoyed around the world. You will learn how vinegar has been used throughout history in the worlds cultures. You will be able to see vinegar’s impact on human history and how it is enhancing your life today.
Flavoring vinegar provides a way to add your own signature to all your dishes. It also allows you to make unique gifts for friends and family. You will learn how to properly add various flavors to vinegar. You will discover the best kinds of vinegar to use for adding various flavors. This can be a straight demonstration or a hands on event.
You will be introduced to some of the world’s most exotic vinegars. You will learn how to experience the subtle tastes of unique vinegar that will elude the uninitiated. We will discuss how these vinegars can be used to enhance and bring new excitement to otherwise humdrum foods.
Vinegar is a key ingredient in many condiments. In this demonstration you will learn to make your own unique versions of mayonnaise, mustard, vinaigrettes and marinades. These condiments can add a whole new dimension to your style of cooking. This can be a demonstration or a hands on experience.