Historical Footnotes

Vinegar has been a part of the human story even before we began writing. Since it is the natural result of the refining of alcoholic beverages, we can safely say that it has been around as long as beer, wine and other spirits. Some people erroneously refer to this as spoilage, but that is like saying that wine is spoiled grape juice

Like most other important discoveries, it was probably the result of an accident. "Someone left the wine out in the air.' But the earliest known recordings of vinegar find it already in common and varied use, so we have no idea how it was discovered. It was also discovered by many different cultures independently, so we have no real proof of where it was first discovered or how it spread to every corner of the globe.

Like beer, wine and other fermented foods, the ancients explained vinegar production differently than we do today. Like most other things, they believed, or said they believed, it was the result of some actions by the gods. And who can say that they were altogether wrong or that current theories are entirely correct.

All we can know is that people have made and used beer and wine roughly 10,000 years so, it is assumed that vinegar has also been around for about that long.

These are just a few of the historical references for Vinegar.

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