Kids page

This page is for my young vinegar fans. Many people think science is hard or boring. While it might be a little hard, especially when you first get started, science is a lot of fun. And there is a lot of science you can do with stuff you have right at home. There is probably some vinegar around your house somewhere.
After watching these videos, I hope you will be inspired to try some of the experiments. In order for you to live long enough to do more experiments, it is important for you to be safe. You may want to ask your parents or teachers to help you with the experiment. If they refuse, use the same tactics you use to get the other things you want to get them to change their minds.
You may want to do some these experiments for your science fair project. But the important thing is to get started. Start with something simple and then go on to bigger challenges.
Below are some fun, and if done correctly very safe, things for you (over 10 years old) to do with vinegar. Let me know what you think.Send me some videos of your experiments using vinegar and, if they are good, I will put them up on my site. If you do an experiment with vinegar, even if it fails, take pictures and send them to me, along with a good description of what you did and what you think of the experiment. I will put them on the website also. And be sure to tell everybody about this site.
Making Plastic at home
Vinegar Rocket
Rubber bone experiment
Rubber Egg