Vinegar FAQs

Does Vinegar contain alcohol?
Vinegar should not contain alcohol. It is most often made from alcohol, but the vinegar bacteria consume all but trace quantities of the alcohol. Most companies try to turn all of the alcohol into vinegar because any left over alcohol translates to increased cost of production.
What is Vinegar made of?
Vinegar is can be made from all kinds of things. Grains, (e.g. rice wheat, barley), grass (e.g. sugar cane), fruit (e.g. grapes, apples, pears), vegetables (e.g. carrots), wood etc.
Can Vinegar help me to lose weight?
Many people ask about vinegar and weight loss. I can find nothing conclusive on this subject. Some studies in Japan suggest that brown rice vinegar contribute to weight loss. But for every study that supports this idea, there is another which casts doubt on it.

I suggest trying it for your self. Compared to most weight loss programs, even the most expensive vinegars are cheap. Try it for six months. If you lose weight let us know. If there is no effect or you gain weight let us know.
Where can I get supplies to make vinegar?
You probably have most of what you need around the house already for making Vinegar. But you can get the starter from me.